Elegance and Beauty


To the Editor:

Yesterday, Sunday, September 22nd , I had the great pleasure of attending an extraordinary concert given by the Poulenc Trio, presented by the Newtown Friends of Music at Edmond Town Hall.

While I have come to expect world-class artists giving stellar performances in this fabulous concert series, these three virtuosi displayed the most elegant, precise and beautiful phrasing that I have ever heard from a woodwind and piano ensemble.

The range and beauty of their musical selections combined with their exquisitely soulful and passionate interpretations expanded my appreciation of the abilities of their instruments and the brilliance of several composers previously unknown to me.

In more than 45 years of attending classical music concerts, I cannot ever recall an audience giving a standing ovation in the middle of a concert, yet, with such an inspirational performance, it was impossible not to stand and loudly applaud.

All of this would have been enough to keep me warmly remembering this concert for many years; but there was more to come.
One of the things that I love most about the Newtown Friends of Music concerts is that afterwards, the performers come out to meet and talk with the audience. It was fascinating for me to learn from the Pianist, Ms. Kaplan, about the differences between traveling and performing in the US compared to Russia, where she was born. It was equally memorable to learn from Mr.Lande, the Oboist, that in addition to performing with the Poulenc Trio, he loves to conduct and has a very active schedule conducting the St. Petersburg Philharmonic and other renowned orchestras in different countries.

As is often the case, many of the most gifted performers are also the most down-to-earth people and genuinely appreciative of the warm welcome and support that they receive from our Newtown audience. These concerts are so memorable precisely because of that special chemistry of great talent and artistry combined with the love of music and the hospitality of our residents.

Many people come from miles around to experience the magic that was made yesterday. I urge you to join us and to bring your children (students are free!) with you.

A huge thank you to the Newtown Friends of Music for making these wonderful concerts possible.

Robert Shohet