The Next Generation Of Classical Music


Concert Review

By Wendy Wipprecht

It's very easy to find dire predictions of the future of classical music: its audience is rapidly ageing, listeners make up only about two percent of the population, and so on. Each generation of artists in any field trains and inspires the next. Classical music, it seems, must also recruit its next generation.

Amelia Piano Trio

NEWS-TIMES, Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Concert Review

Amelia Piano Trio Introduces a Musical Friend to Newtown

By Jan Stribula

We can thank Amelia Piano Trio for some daring programming in its thoroughly enjoyable recital presented by Newtown Friends of Music at Edmond Town Hall on Sunday.

Mozart and Brahms were joined by someone not often heard, or heard of, in this part of the world, Russian composer Arno Babajanian (1921-1983).

Shanghai Quartet pleases audience

NEWS-TIMES, Monday, April 15, 2013

Concert Review

By Jan Stribula

The last time I saw the Shanghai Quartet was about 25 years ago. On Sunday, when I heard the vibrant string ensemble again at Edmond Town Hall, the first thing I asked was whether anyone from back then was still performing.

From their youthful appearances, you would never guess first violinist Weigang Li and his brother Honggang Li on viola were members when the now world-renowned group was formed in 1983.